Texarkana Woman Fighting Rare Illness; Resulting in Loss of Skin

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A Texarkana girl is in a coma tonight at Arkansas Children's Hospital, fighting a rare illness that has even doctors stumped.

Whitney Lewis' condition is so bad doctors had to remove more than 50 percent of her skin.

The family said Lewis has Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

Lewis' skin turned black and she began forming blisters. She's basically burning from the inside out.

There's no real cure for Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

Doctors believe patients that get the disease have a bad reaction to medicine.

"We just want everyone to be cautious about the medicine they take and to even pay attention to the smallest sign of anything to go to the doctor, said Lewis' sister, Terrie Raggs.

Lewis has been in the hospital since last week.

The family says they are holding out hope and praying for a recovery.

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