The Salt Shortage Shuffle

JACKSONVILLE, AR -- With all the snow and ice around the country, some cities are finding it difficult keeping their salt supply fully stocked.

One central Arkansas city is also dealing with that issue.

The Jacksonville Public Works Director says they've got things figured out, so a salt shortage won't become a big problem.

But city employees did have to do a little more juggling this winter to make sure drivers stay steady on the roads.

Jacksonville Public Director Jimmy Oakley says the local distributor they typically use is all out of salt.

Instead of bulk, the city bought bags of salt and also ordered another shipment from a Texas company.

Oakley says because their mixture is 70 percent sand and only 30 percent salt, crews are not too concerned about running out.

That's welcoming news for florists already a bit behind from Friday's snow storm.

Road conditions are important for florists because after Christmas, Valentine's Day is the next largest holiday for them.

"The main issue for me in a storm is getting my employees to the store so that we can work and get our arrangements made for delivery on Friday," said Karen Abrahamson, with Double R Florists and Gifts.
That salt supply from Texas should arrive in Jacksonville in about a week, but again, Oakley says he's confident that what they've got now, will get the city through the next snow storm.

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