The Southern Governor's Association Discusses Healthcare Today

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The Southern Governor's Association's meetings continue in Little Rock today.

Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe is joining the discussion about healthcare.

Many governors -- in the Southern Delegation -- have been reluctant to accept federal money when taking a stand against the Affordable Care Act.

Governor Beebe says this hurts taxpayers.

"States that have the biggest problems are the ones that have not taken the Medicaid expansion in the form of the private option or anything else. The irony there is their taxpayers are paying for their hospitals, are paying for the other getting nothing in return," Governor Beebe said.

During the discussion with other Governors, Governor Beebe talked about the success of Medicaid expansion under the state's Private Option Plan.

He calls it a unique, market based solution that allows lawmakers to decide on the best way to expand access to healthcare.

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