Thief Steals From Sheriff's Truck

DALLAS COUNTY, AR - Whoever stole tools out of the back of this pickup truck knew what they were after.

What they likely didn't know is who would be after them.

"Went to get my saw out of the back of the truck and it was gone," says Donny Ford.

Dallas County Sheriff Donny Ford wants to find his $200 Dewalt chop saw along with the person who took it.

Sheriff Ford says surveillance video shows the thief pulling a grey Pontiac up next to his truck.

"Climbs up on my bumper and gets my tools and put them in his car and shuts the trunk and takes off," says Ford.

Now the 28-year law enforcement veteran hopes to find his saw, in turn finding the thief by searching pawn shops.

But it may be a hard case to crack.

"It's becoming less and less of a fair hope only because of the technology now," says Tim Collier.

According to Tim Collier, President of the Arkansas Pawn and Broker's Association, thieves, at least the smarter ones are staying away from pawn shops and going elsewhere to sell stolen stuff.

"Granted, some thieves are not that smart and don't know," says Collier.

What Sheriff Ford hopes this thief doesn't know is that if the saw was taken to a pawn shop it will be registered on a database for law enforcement to check.

"Whether it's sold to a pawn shop or whether it is pawned at a pawn shop it is entered into the leads system on a daily basis," says Collier.

So if it is ever taken to a pawn shop this sheriff could be in luck, which won't be so lucky for the thief.

The sheriff says the thief was driving a grey Pontiac, is white with dark hair and maybe weighs 160 pounds.

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