Thieves Steal Car in Front of State Police Headquarters

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Car jackers get away in a stolen vehicle taken right in front of state police headquarters in Little Rock. The victim, shocked at the nerve something like that would happen.

Adam Ballard says thieves stole his car parked in front of state police headquarters last week. He has since filed a police report but has heard nothing about his car.

According to the report police said broken glass was on the pavement where the car was parked.

Ballard says it was a Classic 88 Chevy Caprice.

A family member of Ballard's told police she saw someone driving away in Ballard's car but knew it wasn't him so she called police.

"Yeah I love the car but it took my transportation away. You know I gotta go here, go there, go here, go there. you know, it was like, it really hurt me just to be real," says Ballard.

Ballard is convinced whoever stole it had to hot wire it because the keys weren't inside.

He hopes someone out there knows something and will call police.

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