Thieves Strip Cell Phone Towers Of Copper, Customers of Their Service

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Can you go without a cell phone for 14 days? Some Sprint customers like Joan Courtney are having to, and admits it's been an inconvenience. The problem is due to a series of vandalism and copper thefts in central Arkansas.

"No phone service, no internet," says Joan Courtney, Sprint customer.

Courtney can't go online or get through the other line. Her phone shows no sign of 4G, no bars, no roaming, just an "X" on her screen.

"It's frustrating because I don't know if I've gotten any calls. I have to check my voicemail to see," says Courtney.

Courtney uses her phone for just about everything; searching the web, checking her emails, Facebook, and making phone calls. When she needs to get a hold of someone, "Go drive around in my car, and use my phone," says Courtney.

Courtney's cell phone regains service about 10 blocks away from home, an inconvenience she's frustrated with vandals about.

"Probably weren't thinking about the fact that I'm gonna leave everybody in this area without any cell phone service," says Courtney.

Sprint told KARK 4 thieves stole copper from four different cell phone towers in the area, including the one on the corner of Cantrell and Mississippi.

"I try to make that stop on my route to work every day to see if there's been any progress," says Courtney.

We roamed around the corner Monday, so far nothing. And as more days pass by, so does Courtney's concern about her safety at home.

"Since my house has been broken into and almost every house in my neighborhood's been broken into it's just pretty uncomforting to know that your cell phone doesn't work." Joan Courtney

Sprint doesn't know how many customers are affected at this time. The company is working with police on the investigation and they're not sure when the problem will be fixed.

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