Thieves Use Obituaries to Plot Crimes, Target Families

- MABELVALE, AR--A family dealing with the loss of a daughter is dealt another tragic blow, after thieves hit up their property while they're away handling funeral arrangements.

Authorities say thieves are reading obituaries and targeting people during the toughest times of their lives.

"To me, it's unthinkable," says Jennifer Buckner.

While staying in a hotel, unable to sleep in the home where 13-year-old Corrin took her life, Buckner says thieves took advantage of their absence and made off with a trailer and two 4-wheelers , one of which belonged to Corrin.

"It's a horrible thing, it should never happen. You should not have to worry about that," says Lt. Scott Courtney of the Saline County Sheriff's Office.

Lt. Courtney calls it a crime of opportunity and while it's possibly a coincidence, authorities say thieves also target obituaries.

"They have a list of more than likely everyone who is going to be at the funeral," he says.

Now relying on neighbors and authorities to watch her home, Buckner says it's not about the material possessions, but the moments she shared with her only child.

"That is money to you for what it may be that you use it for, but give me back my memories of my baby," she says. "She can't be with us now, but I was looking forward to our next outing with Tom and I and feeling baby girl riding behind me cause I know she would."

Thieves stole nearly $15,000 worth of items from the Buckner's property.

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