Three Jacksonville Teens Arrested for Sending Explicit Videos

JACKSONVILLE, AR - The Jacksonville Police Department has arrested three juveniles for sending sexually explicit videos.

The two girls, ages 13 and 14, and one boy, age 14, were arrested today and cited into Juvenile Court for violating Arkansas State Statute, 5-27-602, DISTRIBUTING, POSSESSING, OR VIEWING OF MATTER DEPICTING SEXUALLY EXPLICIT CONDUCT INVOLVING A CHILD.

All three were released to their parents.

The investigation, which started on April 3, 2014, revealed an exchange of explicit videos between the juveniles. The videos were distributed out to several other juveniles.

Parents need to be aware of what their children are doing on cell phones, iPads, and any other tablets. Sending explicit pictures or videos is against the law and causes problems when they end up in hands of a person that was not intended. There can be some emotional consequences when explicit pictures and videos are sent to someone and they forward it out to other people. 

The juveniles are using text messaging and other apps, such as KIK, Instagram, and Snapchat, to send these pictures and videos. There are other apps out there but these seem to be the most commonly used. Some of these apps store the pictures or videos in an iCloud type storage area and are not actually stored on the phones or tablets. 

The Jacksonville Police Department wants parents to know that an exchange of explicit material involving children, defined as anyone under seventeen years of age, is a violation of Arkansas Law. The first offense is a Class “C” Felony and a Class “B” Felony for any subsequent offenses.

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