Ties To Mexican Ice In The Natural State

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A Mexican drug lord, finally arrested after more than a decade on the run, has ties to the Natural State.

A local researcher says his cartel sold what's called Mexican Ice in Arkansas, Missouri and Texas.

Joaquin Guzman -- known as "El Chapo" -- is behind a massive drug empire supplying cocaine and marijuana to the United States.

But in Arkansas, there was demand for something else...Meth.

Mexican Ice is basically just Meth imported from Mexico.

A professor from the University of Arkansas Little Rock studies drug trafficking.

Julie Baldwin says making Meth became much more difficult here after the state stopped allowing over-the-counter sales of pseudophedrine.

It's one of the main ingredients in the drug.

Baldwin says with meth being a popular choice in this area, people looked for it in other places.

That's where El Chapo and Mexican Ice came into the picture.

Unfortunately, Baldwin says his arrest won't slow things down too much.

She said, "So I think you might see some violence at the top level with certain individuals or organizations vying for his spot, but someone is going to take it over so where there's demand, they will bring supply in, so it should continue."

To give you an idea of how Ice impacts law enforcement locally, Pulaski County Sheriff's Deputies seized nearly one hundred pounds last year.

In Lonoke County, deputies seized more than three hundred pounds.

Right now though, it's not known how much of that Ice was imported from Mexico.

Mexican Ice and Meth are very similar.

But Baldwin says Mexican Ice is more potent and typically more addictive than  meth.

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