Time is Up for Tenants at Acme Motel

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Time is up for tenants at the Acme Motel to move out after the city of Little Rock slammed the place with multiple code violations this week.

The motel has also been a frequent stop for Little Rock Police responding to drug and disturbance calls.

Tenants were ordered Wednesday to move out by five Friday night.

Fire officials say the building had bad wiring, sewage and sagging roofs and other violations.

Most tenants agree the motel is in bad shape.

They just wish they had more time to move out.

88-year-old Johnny Trotter says he looks forward to living in the new motel the city is helping him with.

"Twenty years I've had to rent. This is the worst place I've ever been in. It's unsanitary, it's unhealthy."

Some of the tenants say they still have not found a place to move to, others are headed to area motels.

Acme's owner says he plans to make the repairs outlined by the city.

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