Tornado App Shows How to Increase Your Storm Readiness

LITTLE ROCK, AR (News release) With Little Rock being spoken about on The Weather Channel and the other twenty four hour stations almost non-stop this week, due to the state of Arkansas being under moderate risk for a variety of severe weather from high winds, hail, thunderstorms and a possibility of tornadoes, today may be the day to know a few things you may not be aware of with your American Red Cross Tornado app that could be useful, even lifesaving.

1.In the event of a tornado warning in your area, you’ll hear a calm voice over a slightly startling siren saying “Tornado Warning! Tornado Warning!’ This is your signal to seek shelter in a hallway or bathroom in the middle of your home, workplace or school.

2.Before you can hear any warnings, you have to enter your location. You can also add additional locations of family and friends or office locations anywhere in the country. Also select your notification preference.

3.It’s not just about tornadoes. The app will notify you of severe thunderstorm watches and warnings, as well as tornado watches and warnings. FYI—a watch means a large area has the potential weather environment for a severe thunderstorm or tornado to occur. A warning means the storm or tornado has arrived or is close at hand.

4.You can hear NOAA Weather radio’s latest advisories and forecasts from any reporting office in the country. Find them under Severe Weather Info on the app home page. FYI, Arkansas is serviced by five different National Weather Service stations-central Arkansas, Little Rock; northwest Tulsa; southwest Shreveport; southeast Jackson; northeast Memphis.

5.As long as your phone is powered, you can access tips on what to do before, during or after a storm even without wireless access. P.S. Keep your phone fully charged in case you’re without power for a while. Remember if you lose power, texting uses less power than talking and can be easier to get messages sent.

And a bonus tip, check the Tool Box for a flashlight, great if the power goes to find your emergency lights; a strobe light, as well as an I’m Safe button you can send as is or customize to let friends know all is okay. Send it through Facebook, Twitter, Facebook or text.

Because redundancy is encouraged for disaster preparedness, have your weather alerts from your favorite meteorologist and stay current on weather updates as well as download the Red Cross Tornado app.

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