Tornado-Damaged Botkinburg Church Announces Date For Reopening

- LITTLE ROCK, AR-- A Van Buren County church hit hard by a 2013 tornado has announced a grand reopening.

Botkinburg Foursquare Church will reopen April 6.

"You wonder when something like that happens, where do you go to from here but it has a way of working out," said Pastor Esther Bass.

There are some areas throughout the county that are still damaged, but long term recovery committee member says the county helped 27 families get their lives back together.

"I think we learned how to coordinate volunteers a lot better and just how to tap into the resources across the state to help fund done of our projects," said member David Cook.

County Judge Roger Hooper says since last year's storm, they have been encouraging people to enroll in the code red program, which alerts people to approaching disasters.

"It will call your landline or cell phone, it gives you up to three choices.That has been one of the county's major pushes to increase the number there," said Hooper.

The sheriff says the county's tower was also damaged last year, causing them to use a back up system.

But leaders say they are getting ready to break ground on a new tower that will be a big upgrade from the old one.

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