Tornado Survivor Graduates from UALR

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Hundreds of students tonight celebrating graduation from the University of Arkansas Little Rock.

Among the group -- a woman -- a survivor of last month's tornado.

Christina Saville credits her success to the people around her.

Family, classmates, even complete strangers supported and pushed her to the finish line.

But, Saville would not let anything stand in the way of receiving a diploma...not even an EF-4 tornado!

She said, "My husband and I were there and we made it to the master bedroom closet with our shepherd. The house started lifting and we felt it come off the foundation."

Regardless of the damage and devastation around her, Saville went to class the next day to begin final exams.

She said, "I don't miss class and I did not miss any of my classes through this."

While her house is still standing, it's not livable.

But even going through something so traumatic, and still graduating with honors, Saville doesn't consider herself a hero.

In fact, she says without support from others, her dreams of a degree in construction management may have been put on hold.

Right now Saville and her husband are living in a motel in Maumelle.

She does plan to continue her schooling at UALR and get a Masters Degree.

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