Tornado Victims Confused About Where To Dump Debris

MAYFLOWER, AR -- As cleanup efforts get underway tornado victims in Mayflower say they're frustrated because options -- on where to dump debris -- are limited.

According to officials, the Faulkner County Dump would stay open until 3:30 today, but people living on Dam Road in Mayflower say it closed at noon instead.

We talked to one volunteer who says a private dump site opened through 4:00 but charged $135 per load when the county was only charging $30.

Storm victims are frustrated by all this.

They say volunteers are lining up to help, but there's really no where to take these heavy loads.

Tornado victim Josh Hunt said, "Today we got equipment out here and we can't take anything anywhere so how are we supposed to start moving forward when we are stuck where we are at?"

Homeowners can sort their debris and leave it alongside the road and the city and county will work to clean it up, but people we talked to today say the piles could sit there for while and they want to move on.

A county spokesman said he was confused by all this too.

Last time we checked in with him, he was working on getting accurate dump site information and trying to find out what led to the mis-information.

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