Touchdown Tragedy: HSU Receiver's Road to Recovery

ARKADELPHIA, AR - On October 26 of last year, Henderson State's receiver, Robert Jordan, caught a touchdown pass against the Harding Bison that would change his life forever.

During that touchdown, Jordan suffered a leg injury so horrific, it literally brought his teammates to tears.

An injury so gruesome we can only show you the reaction on the field.

"It's one of the worst injuries I've ever seen,” said Scott Maxfield, HSU’s head football coach. “When you got out on the field and saw the severity of the injury, it made you kind of step back a little bit."

On that play, Jordan broke both his tibia and fibia. It is an injury that has brought many athletes' careers to an end.

He was performing so well, Coach Maxfield said NFL scouts started showing up to practice. That all changed after the injury.

Coach Maxfield said, "Anytime you have an injury like that, the NFL is a little bit skeptical. They don't want any damaged goods, but I think if he can get in the right situation and get that opportunity, I definitely think he's got the ability to play at that level."

"Since I was a little kid, I used to play football. I used to run around the house, run around the yard, run around the block, everywhere with a football. I mean it's just always been my dream and I just want to get an opportunity to show NFL scouts that I'm dedicated to the game," Jordan said.

And since the injury, Jordan’s been dedicated to the rehad. Whether it be running pass routes or the countless hours spent in the weight room, Jordan’s dedication has reached a whole new level.

"I never worked hard as I worked during the injury. That really made me work hard and take control like it ain't no game it's---your career can be stopped at anytime in your life just with one injury," he said.

And that injury's one that Jordan refuses to watch on tape until he officially hangs up the cleats.

"When I'm done playing football completely, I’ll probably look at it. But as of right now, when I'm playing, going through the process,. Nah, I ain't gonna look at it."

Hopefully he won't have to watch that clip for years to come.

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