Tracking Homeless Sex Offenders

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The police chief in North Little Rock wants the state to better track sex offenders who are homeless.

Tonight, he's one step closer to making that happen.

In a unanimous vote, North Little Rock council members put their support behind changing Arkansas' Sex Offender Registration Act.

Right now you can find sex offenders -- living in your neighborhood -- on the internet.

By law, they're required to report to law enforcement twice a year and give a current address.

Police Chief Mike Davis said, "Really for us, six months for not knowing where somebody is at, is a long time."

But Chief Davis says when an offender lives on the streets, it's hard to keep track of them so he hopes tonight's city council vote will affect statewide change by requiring homeless sex offenders to report every month.

The next step here, North Little Rock city leaders will talk with the Arkansas Municipal League to drum up support on the state level.

If all goes well, Chief Davis says the law could change during a vote at next year's legislative session.

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