Traffic Alert: Street Damage After Water Main Break at Asher & University

LITTLE ROCK, AR - A water main break at Asher Avenue & University Avenue in southwest Little Rock causing major traffic problems. 

Traffic was rerouted around the area as the intersection was closed. 

Officials say a 12-inch water main broke around 3 p.m. when a contractor bore through the pipe.

John Tynan from Central Arkansas Water said, "We are having to go and isolate the main, and make repairs so that we can restore water service to the effected customers."

Damage was also done to the street.  The repair work continued into the evening hours, as crews dug a massive hole to address the broken pipe.

Tynan added, "We wanted to respond as quickly as we can, isolate that main so that we don't have any more water spewing out, but also repair it as quickly as possible so it minimizes disruption."

Central Arkansas Water confirms the contractor is responsible for all damage and repair, but the utility would not confirm which construction company was to blame.

UALR officials say water will be turned off on the west side of campus during the crisis.

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