UAMS Helps Teen Get Back on Her Feet

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Imagine being told you may never walk again. That's what this young lady, 18-year-old Paige Collins, was told that, until she found UAMS.

As doctors start her new phase of recovery and get her back on her feet, today 18-year-old Paige Collins is able to take her neck brace off and move around.

But it hasn't always been this easy.

"They were telling my mom they would have to put me in a nursing home or something like that and I was like what," says Paige.

Two years ago Paige was in a car accident on her way to work leaving her with extensive injuries.

"She had a feeding tube and a trake because she wasn't able to breath or eat on her own or anything like that and she wasn't able to respond to us," says Jane Anne Beckham.

That accident caused her spin to be disaligned. Unable to walk, Paige's family went to UAMS and Doctor Richard Mccarthy had a solution.

"When we saw her we recognized that she had a difficult problem with this dislocation and so Doctor Tubush and I worked together and got the arteries stretched out with the traction and then reduce the dislocation to back where it belongs," says Dr.Mccarthy.

And just two months after surgery Paige is able to walk out of UAMS with ease after being told two years ago, that she may never walk again.

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