UCA: Bear Boots Hit the Ground in Mayflower

MAYFLOWER, AR - Digging through rubble isn't your typical summer vacation for University of Central Arkansas student Bryce Crabb.

"I know that if I was affected by something like this, I know that if something like this happened to me or my family where it is just utter chaos and just unbelievable damage we would be completely lost without help," says Crabb.

So instead of going home for his summer vacation he decided to spend it making new friends and helping those effected by the tornado.

"Out here we are working together, shoulder to shoulder, picking up and rebuilding," says Crabb.

Crabb along with other students and faculty members have joined a group UCA started called "Bear Boots on the Ground".

Every Friday for the next couple months the group will come out and help with the tornado relief efforts.

"As you know you get a large outburst of energy that first week then that energy level starts to wean so we want to try to keep the momentum going," says Dean of Students Gary Roberts.

Bryce says he will continue to keep that momentum going.

"There is a lot of lack here and we are hoping that this push from the University for Bear Boots on the Ground will help rebuild this community more efficiently and faster," says Crabb.

By spending their summer in the sun.

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