UCA Students Use Social Media to Save Child Lives

LITTLE ROCK, AR - As doctors warn parents about leaving children in hot cars this summer, a pair of Central Arkansas students are joining the cause through social media.

A UCA student shot this video, sitting in a hot car for about 10 minutes.

An ER doctor told us the exercise was safe for the student. As an adult he can sense his body overheating and get out.

Small children and pets cannot.

"I was just looking at my legs and arms in the mirror. It was so hot I could see sweat just pouring
I was thinking, poor babies they're buckled in and they can't do anything they're just helpless," says Christian Taylor-Beauford.

Taylor-Beauford and his roommate are sharing their "hot car" videos online, hoping to remind others to look twice before accidentally leaving children in a car.

Children can get sick or even die if left too long, even with outside temperatures as low as 60 degrees.

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