Union County Dog Ordinance Has Residents Worried About Potential Cost

EL DORADO, AR - In Union County an ordinance in El Dorado now requires dog owners to have a fence or dog pen. Chains will be illegal.

City council members passed the measure last night, five to three.

Opponents say the ordinance seems to punish the whole town on an issue that only a few people are violating. Those in favor say fences will make a safer community for people and pets.

But some worry about the costs associated with putting up fences for some dog owners.

"I did not hear the council say that they would be willing to actually provide the necessary fences that they have to install, or that they would be able to help them purchase these fences," says Kensel Spivey.

Dog owners in El Dorado now have 30 days to contain their dogs, and if they don't they could face a fine

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