Update: $20K Bond for Man Arrested After High-Speed Chase

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GRANT COUNTY, AR -- A man facing charges stemming from engaging multiple law enforcement agencies in a high-speed chase that ended with two police cars engulfed in flames appeared in court on Tuesday.

Terry Crook, 43, was given a $20,000 bond and ordered to return for an arraignment hearing on Feb. 12.

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A man has been arrested after leading police on a chase that started in Grant County and ended in a fiery crash that burned two police vehicles.

Terry Crook, 43, has been charged with fleeing and multiple traffic and criminal charges.

According to the Arkansas State Police (ASP), it was notified just before 2 p.m. Monday afternoon that a pursuit had begun in the Grant County Area after sheriffs in that county attempted to pull Crook over. The chase moved into Pulaski County along 530 North and included the Redfield Police Department.

State troopers joined the pursuit after laying a spike strip at U.S. Highway 165 at 440. The vehicle drove across the strip, and troopers pursued the disabled vehicle to a location off Fiber Optic Drive.

At that point, the driver abandoned the car in thick grass and weeds and was quickly apprehended by law enforcement officials who left their patrol cars nearby.

At this time, ASP believes a catalytic converter on one of the vehicles ignited the dry grass, which caused a fire and quickly engulfed an ASP patrol car and a Redfield Police car.

Redfield Police and Grant County are considering additional charges.

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