Update: Hot Springs Man Arrested in Shooting Police Called "Drug Deal Gone Bad'

Update (Aug. 28):
HOT SPRINGS, AR - A convicted felon has been arrested in an Aug. 20 shooting in Hot Springs that police said was a "drug deal gone bad." Three people were injured in the incident, including the suspect.

It happened at Locust & Coy streets around 11:30 that morning.

On Wednesday morning, the Hot Springs Police Department, arrested Tyrone Hayes, 26. He's charged with two counts of battery and one count each of aggravated robbery, terroristic act and possession of a firearm by certain persons.

The shooting, which took place inside a vehicle, left one victim with a gunshot wound to the side of the head and the other with gunshot wounds in both legs.

According to the arrest affidavit for Hayes, he had met the victims to buy marijuana but the deal soon turned into a robbery. Hayes pulled out a handgun, told them to "give me everything," and then started going through their pockets before shooting one of them in the head. That's when the other victim pulled a gun and shot Hayes in the stomach. Hayes then shot the second victim in the legs.

Hayes was found two blocks from the shooting scene on the parking lot of a motel.

All three of the people shot had to be taken to the hospital.

Police say Hayes was out on parole and has an arrest record dating back to 2007.

Original story (Aug. 20):
HOT SPRINGS, AR - Police are looking for a "person of interest" after a shooting incident on the city's northeast side that left three people injured.

It happened just before noon Wednesday at Coy and Locust streets near the Housing Authority. Area streets were blocked off as officers with the Hot Springs Police Department (HSPD) searched for a suspect in what they're calling an apparent drug deal gone bad.

The Hot Springs Police Chief says an officer made a tourniquet to save one of the victims, who had suffered a leg wound.

"We have our crime scene unit out there, trying to find shell casings and find out what type of caliber was used," said Lt. McCrary Means, HSPD Public Information Officer. 

At last report, there was still no word from police on the conditions of the victims or a description of the suspect.

The HSPD says the area is heavily patrolled by officers daily.

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