ALEXANDER, AR - Norman Beth was sent to the hospital Monday night after a dog sunk its teeth into his leg.

"Back here's where it got me," Norman Beth showed the bandage covering 10 stitches that hold together his dog bite wound. "All of a sudden I heard this 'grrrrr' and my body started shaking. I looked back behind me. I thought it was a wolf."

Norman says it came out of nowhere as he was doing yard work at his home in Alexander.

"It had its teeth locked in to my calf," he added.

According to the Little Rock Police Department (LRPD) the dog is a K-9 officer named "Ammo." The dog's partner and handler lives across the street from Norman and wasn't there when this happened.

It's believed the K9 escaped its back yard pen and scaled a six foot fence.

Beth was able to get away by hitting the dog with a dead tree limb.

"I kept hitting him and breaking the branch," Beth said. "I was down to a nubbin' by the time I got to the garage door."

He says the dog wasn't done though and turned toward his neighbors. Beth says the dog lunged at and snapped at the man next door and tried to run down a third.

"I said Trent, run, run!" Beth repeated his warning to multiple neighbors. "Ma'am get inside the house. That's a mean dog. That's a bad dog."

All the while Norman was still bleeding. He says he lost maybe two pints of blood.

According to the LRPD the dog, while initially quarantined after the incident at his vet, is now back at home.

The dog can't report to work again until August 15 when the required quarantine is over.

"Ammo" is a Dutch Shepherd and has been on the force for about three years. He was trained out of a West Virginia K-9 academy.

The dog is trained for narcotics, patrol and tracking which means it's trained to bite, but not a friendly neighbor who didn't know the dog was there until it was too late.

The LRPD is looking into what happened and why.

"These dogs are trained to scale fences. So we'll just have to look into what we can do to prevent this from happening again. Unfortunately two innocent people were bitten," Sgt. Cassandra Davis explained on behalf of the LRPD.

"We've never had an incident where a dog has escaped and bit someone. Most of our dogs, when they do bite is at the direction of the officer."

This isn't the first incident associated with this K-9 biting the wrong person.

According to a 2012 incident report obtained by KARK, shortly after "Ammo" joined LRPD, he was brought to a standoff scene to force a man out of a home. When the suspect showed himself the report says the K-9 slipped out of his collar and leash and jumped on an officer instead. It says the K-9 bit her on her wrists and the back of her right calf.

The Saline County Sheriff's Office responded to this incident. A report on file there lists it as an offense of dog biting.

According to the Sheriff's Office however, no citations or charges will likely be filed.

Norman Beth isn't sure right now what he'll do moving forward.

"I'm just glad it wasn't my wife or a kid."

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