Victim's Brother Reacts to Jermain Taylor Shooting Incident

- LITTLE ROCK,--The brother of a man shot by former boxing champion Jermain Taylor says, he would not press charges against Taylor, who is also his cousin.

Tyrone Hinton's brother says they grew up close to their cousin, Taylor, and while he would not comment on what lead to the violent incident, he says, ultimately they are family first.

"It's hard, but knowing he's going to be all right, everything is much better," says Kevin Hinton.

Outside the hospital where his younger brother recovers from a shooting, Kevin Hinton questioned his suffering at the hands of their cousin.

"It really didn't matter what happened or what was did or said how did it get this far," says Hinton.

Authorities arrested former boxing champion Jermain Taylor for shooting his Tyrone Hinton at his home Tuesday. Authorities say the men were involved in an altercation and Taylor retrieved a gun and fired, hitting Hinton.

His brother Kevin says he was shot five times and that four bullets went straight through while the fifth became lodged in his pelvis.

"He was blessed truly blessed, he wasn't lucky none of that, he was blessed," says Hinton.

The bullets missed the other person on the scene, Tyrone Hinton's son.

"It was real horrifying for him, he's never been through anything like that," Hinton says.

He says his brother Tyrone also worked for Taylor opening his boxing gym everyday. Their closeness, even more reason why the shooting came as a surprise. But he says those family ties are also pulling them through together.

"I talked to Jermain earlier, he is really sorry and remorseful, but does it negate the fact my brother is laying in the hospital, no. But we're all family, we'll work it out as a family," says Hinton.

Tyrone Hinton is scheduled to have surgery Thursday and he's expected to make a full recovery.

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