Victim's Family Seeks Legal Help in Crosswalk Accident

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR - Many questions are still left unanswered after B.K. Simmons' sister, Shannon Brooks, and her five-year-old twins were hit at a crosswalk last Thursday.

"Things are still a little rocky, my sister is not in stable condition she is still in ICU at UAMS she has suffered traumatic injuries, neck surgeries, back surgeries she is still in the recovery process," says B.K. Simmons.

The North Little Rock Police (NLRPD) report says sunlight in the drivers eyes was the cause of the accident.

But B.K. and his family are asking for more witnesses.

"People, anybody who is willing to support anyone who knows anymore details then we know we are asking them to come," says Simmons.

NLRPD officers on scene did not cite the driver who hit the family of three on this crosswalk which is why they are now seeking legal action.

"It will definitely help us with all these expenses and it will just bring a level of comfort to our family that something is being done about this you know, we don't want this to be something that is just brushed up under the rug and just an accident because it wasn't just an accident," says Simmons.

The family hopes a lawyer can help bring justice for their family while they focus on the healing process.

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