Door to Technology Opens for LR Neighborhood

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - The Metro Housing Alliance in Little Rock provides low income families with housing assistance, and at the Sunset Terrace location, families are getting an addition. 

In August, Sunset Terrace opened its Tech Hub, complete with computers and internet access for families.  

Jennifer Milton has lived there for years. 

"I've raised 5 kids here. I have one left. He is 12 years old," she says.

Her youngest son uses the Tech Hub often.

"When he comes through the door, he says 'Mom, I gotta go to the office, so I can get on the computer, I've got to do my homework,' so I love this program," she continues.

"The opportunity to have a digital literacy program is very important for this community," adds Jada Johnson with the Metro Housing Alliance. 

"Our philosophy on the Tech Hub here at the housing authority is to engage individuals where they are," says Christopher Harris, who helped start the Hub.

The Alliance also offers classes for folks who need help with computers or interent basics.  

Broadband Development Group provides the access to the internet. Alise Smith is the Director of Community Engagement.

"We just wanna make sure they have the same opportunities and resources as anybody else in any other area," she explains.

It's a simple space that's providing unique solutions, especially for Milton.  

"I'd rather for the kids be over here, because it gives them something to do, rather than out there getting into trouble," she adds. "And my son, that's all he talks about, 'Momma I can't wait until I graduate so I can go to college and he comes up here almost every day."

The Sunset Terrace Tech Hub is making a difference by giving families a chance to experience technology. 

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