Former Hog Stars form New Dream Team

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - One of the most famous and most successful former Razorbacks is teaming up with a local nonprofit to give back to students in Arkansas.

"So they scream Anthony shoot him, Anthony shoots," explains Ron Watson of a family memory. 
"The guy goes down, and they get back in the car and drive eight blocks."

It's a memory Ron can't shake.

"Three days later in Los Angeles at Anthony's mother's house, there to pick up 16-year-old Anthony Young. Anthony Young was screaming in the background 'Momma I ain't did nothing, Momma I ain't did nothing.' Well Anthony is now doing 35 years in the Department of Correction in Los Angeles. That's what makes me do what I do," he continues.

And what Ron does is inspire through education. he started Had2 in Central Arkansas a few years ago. He's teaching students the importance of finishing high school.

"I want to talk to you about your commitment to your life, your education, the decisions you're making," he adds.

Recently, in an effort to slam graduation rates, Ron needed an assist from a Razorback great.

"Always focus on the fact that there's a lot more good than bad, and what we have to do is just keep bringing out the good in young people in our communities so we can continue to have a quality of life for everyone," he says.

Had2 has teamed up with the Moncrief Institute for College and Career Readiness, aiming at getting grads from schools into the workforce, and for this former Hog it's a combined step toward a difference.

"Graduation is the solution, education is the only solution," says Ron. "The more education they get the better they're going to be as it relates to earning money, making contributions to our community and I like to use this word, living a quality life, because when they have a quality life we have a quality neighborhood."

The combination of Had2 and Super Sid is a dream team. Their first combined event is coming up on Jan. 27 in Hot Springs.

Find out more on the Had2 website and Facebook page.

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