Kids Learn about Legal System in Arkansas Prosecutor's Book

BENTON, Ark. - A Saline County Deputy Prosecutor recently wrote a book for kids to help them understand some of the legal system. 

Taylor Dugan wrote and illustrated 'Scales of Justice.' 

"There wasn't anything like this out there," he says. "That teacher in me wanted to put something together that would help those children out having to testify."

Dugan used real people to inspire his characters, like District Court Bailiff Bobby Teague, who is Bobby the Barracuda Bailiff in the book.  

"The starfish for a badge was my idea too," Teague says. "I've had several of the attorneys ask me to sign my page."

Teague worked in the juvenile system and he sees the impact this book could have.

"The book that Taylor wrote is very comforting to young people when they find themselves in this situation," he adds.

Dugan said helping kids was part of his passion.

"So, following the Victory Over Violence thing, I see your thing 'Be The Solution,'" Dugas continues. "So I'm hoping it's something that sheds light on a, you know, traumatizing experience for children and is a positive influence for them."

Dugan has sold more than 500 copies, and given away 200 more to kids and organizations that need the books.

'Scales of Justice' is currently available on Amazon.

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