Victory Over Violence

Law & Justice Summit in Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (News release) – Some of the foremost advocates, policymakers and legal minds in the region came together to tackle the issue of mass incarceration and the need for substantial criminal justice reform in the state of Arkansas during the inaugural Law and Justice Summit hosted by the Social Justice Institute at Philander Smith College. 

Mass incarceration continues to run rampant in the state, with a 17 percent increase in incarceration from 2008-2013 according to The Sentencing Project. The summit expounded on the social and economic influence of mass incarceration, probation and parole policy statewide. Participants also weighed in on the significant policy gaps and evidence-based community solutions that have yet to be explored.

“To effectively deter crime, we must strategically invest in the health of our most vulnerable communities. Overcriminalization is not the answer,” said Tristan Wilkerson, interim executive director of The Social Justice Institute. “Sharing information and empowering the voices of those directly impacted is the first step towards solving this problem, and we’re incredibly honored to bring together the civic leaders at the forefront of criminal justice reform.”

Participants also analyzed how equitable policy-making, engaging directly-impacted individuals and significant community investment strategies can build strong and healthy communities.

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