Video Shows Moment Shots Fired During Movies in the Park

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Video has been released of a shooting that happened near Movies in the Park Wednesday night.

It shows a crowd of people gathered in front of the Flying Saucer when someone fires shots and everyone scatters.

It was not far from where a crowd of 2,000 gathered near Riverfront Park where scores of children checked out a Harry Potter movie.

"I would be a little nervous especially if you have kids," said parent, Kristy Johnson.

"It almost makes you not want to bring your kids up there," said another parent, Jade Hand.

The parents say they're having second thoughts about taking their kids to the weekly summertime event in downtown Little Rock after hearing what happened Wednesday night.

"It's unfortunate that people are coming there to kind of ruin it for everybody else," said Little Rock Police Lt. Sidney Allen.

Officers say they were escorting out a group of rowdy teens just before 10:00 p.m.

When they got to the intersection of Ottenheimer Plaza and President Clinton Avenue, police say, someone fired three shots into the air.

The gun shots sent people scattering in fear.

"You could have had someone running to a vehicle get struck by a car," Lt. Allen said. "Another person could have stampeded someone."

Thankfully that didn't happen and no one was hurt. But it's causing a reassessment of security.

"People are starting to use the area for more of a congregation and hang out spot," Allen said.

Little Rock Police doubled the number of off-duty police officers to four a couple weeks back to help the regular River Market patrol during the event.

"We're in discussion with it all kinds of ideas of increased security," said Gretchen Hall, President and CEO of the Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB).

The CVB, which sponsors Movies in the Park, says pat downs and bag checks are among the ideas being considered.

"It's just sad that they can't know that there's children here and not to do that," said parent Jade Hand.

An 18-year-old man was briefly detained after officers thought they saw him with a gun, but after they searched him and didn't find one he was released.

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