Video Shows Theives Hauling Away Car on Flatbed Truck


NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR - The only evidence Jason Williams has left of his stolen car is the apartment video surveillance of it being hauled away on a flat bed truck.

"I mean it hurts," said Williams. "It's crazy."

As he flips through the pages of what has amounted to his own investigation, Williams is left to wonder what happened to his beloved ride.

"All through college I said once I pay my student loans the first thing I was going to do is buy me a sports car," remembered Williams.

The last time the Henderson State grad and Children's Hospital nurse saw his Dodge Challenger SRT-8 was in early February while parked at his North Little Rock apartment.
Unfortunately, his rims and tires had just been stolen so the car was left to just sit on it's brakes.

"One side was sitting on the ground," explained Williams. "The other side was sitting on the jack."

Devastated, he filed a police report and contacted his insurance but nothing could have moved fast enough for what happened next.

"Not two days later and my car is gone," said Williams.

Whoever it was, he believes, likely came back and finished the job. The surveillance video shows a truck coming in empty but leaving with his car.

North Little Rock Police have investigated but nobody knows anything, said Williams.

He insists he was caught up on payments and neither police or apartment management were notified of a wrecker coming to pick up a car.

Now, a month later, he doesn't expect to ever get it back but someone had to have seen something.
"If you see something that don't seem right," pleaded Williams. "Just call the police."

Otherwise he wouldn't have to watch the video of his car leaving the screen of a surveillance camera never to be seen again.

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