Voter ID Requirement: Under Review by State Board of Election Commissioners

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Voter ID implementation at the polls is now under review by the State Board of Election Commissioners.

Following last week's primary election, the ACLU of Arkansas says it's heard numerous complaints from voters all across the state regarding voter ID. now, it seems the State Board of Election Commissioners has had at least one formal complaint filed.

According to the board, all details of the complaint are confidential, at this point. But the board did confirm the complaint was regarding quote -- voter ID assessment.

According to the ACLU and anecdotes the Pulaski County Election Commission had heard locally, voters complained of being quizzed about information on their ID's and fighting to cast a provisional ballot as allowed by law.

According to election officials, ID should only be used to confirm the image on the ID matches the voter presenting, and there should always be an opportunity to fill out a provisional ballot, even if a voter does not have ID with them at the polls -- because the law provides a finite amount of time for them to present it later to have their vote counted.

According to the State Board of Election Commissioners, the complaint will be investigated with a report presented to the board. A decision will be made from there.

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