Water Continues to Rise in Brinkley, City Officials Begging for Government Help

BRINKLEY, AR - Water rising in Brinkley neighborhoods after getting soaked with 10 inches of rain last Sunday, now residents are using boats to get to their homes.

People who live in Snow Addition subdivision behind the airport in Brinkley say the water has risen at least a foot in the past two days and city officials agree. Brinkley's Mayor Billy Hankins says drainage has been a huge problem in his city.

He says this flooding is because Piney Ditch is so stopped up they don't know where it's backed up. And it's sending water back to Brinkley that should be flowing out.

Now Hankins is begging for government help.

"We need to get the attention of whoever we have to to come to Brinkley to see the problem we have and help us get some help in this town for our citizens. People are having to leave their house and not know what they are going to be like when they get back," says Mayor Hankins.

This is what they are coming back to.

Their houses and cars flooded by the rising water.

We have been told that Senator Ronald Caldwell has sent an email to Governor Beebe but no word on his response yet.

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