West Fork Police Chief Resigns, Effective Immediately

WEST FORK, AR (KNWA) - The West Fork police chief is stepping down. Chief John Collins resigned on Friday, effective immediately.

According to Mayor Charlie Rossetti, Collins left the department on a positive note, citing personal reasons and a new career path. Rossetti says Collins offered to help the department in the future if necessary. John Collins served as chief of West Fork P.D. for about a year and a half.

His resignation takes place just a few months after an investigation began into corruption complaints against the City of West Fork, regarding environmental and water quality issues. The mayor says this has nothing to do with Collins' decision to step down.

Mayor Rossetti says the department still has four other active officers, including a sergeant, which is the highest rank.

According to Rossetti, the sergeant will not be named as an official interim police chief, but will be in charge of the department for now.

Greenland officers are also on standby to aid West Fork if needed.

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