West Pulaski Family Loses More Than Just Their Home

WEST PULASKI COUNTY, AR - Out of town family members have spent the day trying to find pictures and important documents in piles of rubble after the family of 11's home was leveled Sunday.

"Looking at this I don't know how any of them made it," says Raine Clotfelter.

The phone call Raine Clotfelter got Sunday night could have never prepared him for what he drove up on Tuesday.

His sister's West Pulaski home nothing but a slab.

"There was a house here and trees. This is just an incredible amount of damage," says Clotfelter.

This after Sunday's deadly tornado started its' destructive path.

Claiming the lives of Clotfelter's brother in law Rob Tittle and his two nieces Rebekah and Tori.

"They were trying to get everybody else under the stair case and everything is timing and apparently those were the last three to get under the stair case," Clotfelter says.

Now that staircase is on top of a pile of rubble behind what used to be their house.

"Apparently they were all just kind of scattered around here even though they all started under the stair case."

Now Clotfelter will spend his week sifting through what remains of his sister's home trying to piece back together the memories taken.

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