With Jail Closed, What Happens After Riverfest Arrests?

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Huge crowds are expected to descend on downtown Little Rock this weekend for Riverfest.  In past years, there've been more than 50 arrests over the three day weekend.

This year that could create a problem at the Pulaski County Jail.  The jail has been closed since last month due to overcrowding.

Little Rock Police officers will be stationed at locations throughout the event.  They'll also be checking purses to make sure guns, knives and other contraband isn't brought in.
Police say the goal is to make sure everyone has a good time and stays safe.  But if there are a large number of arrests like there have been in years past -- it could create a dilemma.

"If there's something that requires the person to be locked up, the jail already has protocols in place to remove someone else to make space for someone that is considered a violent offender," said Little Rock Police Lt. Sidney Allen.

Because of overcrowding, the Pulaski County Sheriff has said only new inmates accused of the most serious crimes will be admitted into the jail.
Police say everyone who is arrested at Riverfest will be taken to the jail to get booked and fingerprinted even if they are then released.

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