Witnesses of Waffle House Shooting Share Terrifying Experience

- LITTLE ROCK, AR - A late-night trip to the Waffle House on Shackleford in West Little Rock changed for everyone inside when a masked man with a gun walked in.

"One man had said, "What the ****? He got a mask on!" remembered one witness who only agreed to speak anonymously. She fears for her safety considering the gunman has yet to be arrested.

"There was this man," she said. "[He] came and he had a mask on his face and he had his hand in his pocket."

Other witness accounts written in a Little Rock Police report lay out what they say happened when a man dressed in all white, with a black ski mask, walked into the Waffle House apparently on a mission with one person in mind.

"That issue was personal," a witness said. "It wasn't no arguing or nothing. He just came in and told everybody to move."

She says everyone in the restaurant scattered, getting out of the way of what was about to happen.

This witness says she frantically tried to hide in the bathroom but became trapped as everyone tried to push their way through. As she finally reached cover, she heard gunshots.

"That could have been me if I wouldn't have ran."

According to witness statements the first shooting victim shot back but hit a Waffle House employee.

Some witness tell us differently, saying the gunman hit both people.

All this witness does know is that if she didn't move out of the way it may have been her getting shot instead.

"That was my waitress that got shot."

The mother of one of the victims says her son is doing okay. Police say he was shot twice, once in the chest and another time in the arm. He's still in the hospital but his mother says he will recover.

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