Woman Describes 13 Car Pile-Up As A 'Domino Effect'

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Since Friday evening at 6:00, Little Rock police reported about 150 car accidents around the city.

The photos of different traffic tie-ups came pouring in on Facebook and Twitter last night showing people stuck on slick, icy, snow-covered roads.

Trina Spikes and her red Hummer got caught up in a 13-car pileup on Markham, near War Memorial Stadium.

She said, "All the cars started sliding into one another and it was like a domino effect."

She said there was really no way out of it, and at one point, Spikes said it reminded her of a bumper car ride, obviously not as much fun though.

"Once people started coming over that hill, you lost control. It was just straight ice, straight ice," Spikes said.

There were other problem areas as well, like 430.

Andrea Nichols got stuck on 430 for nearly four hours last night.

She said cars and trucks slid all over the place, blocking traffic and slowing things down to a snail's pace.

Nichols said, "Finally when we went around I just stayed steady on the gas and didn't let up and I didn't have any problems. I'm like mini vans, are not so bad after all."

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