unink-logo.jpgAbout Tattoo Removal

Out of 45 million individuals with at least one tattoo, studies indicate that over 17% regret their decision. With tattoo removal procedures increasing at a rate of over 32% from 2011-2012, a study by the Patients Guide highlights the ease and accessibility of removing unwanted tattoos.

Whether your tattoo is hindering you from getting a job, keeping you from a well-deserved promotion or a symbol of a different time in your life, Unink Tattoo Removal can help. Dedicated exclusively to tattoo removal, UnInk is passionate about helping you start over with clear, unblemished skin, with no remaining ink or scarred tissue.

In the past, tattoo removal was considered painful, time consuming, and had unfavorable outcomes such as scarring and permanent pigment change. With the use of Q-Switch laser technology those reactions are a thing of the past. Our Revlite laser technology is fast and safe for use on all skin types. With recent innovations in laser technology, our technicians can address needs specific to those more difficult colors, and most tattoos can be removed to restore your original skin tone and texture.

Schedule a consultation with one of our certified laser specialists today and be on your way to the fresh start your skin deserves!