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Style File: Sunshine & Sequins

With a new season comes some additions to your wardrobe. In today's Style File, personal stylist and fashion pro Laurie Holman is sharing tips

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Style File: Summer Travel Packing List

Caroline Harklau with Southern Roots Boutique in Benton shows us fashions you'll want to pack for your summer vacation.

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Style File: Halloween Style

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Dressing up for Halloween is always fun, but it can also be done with style in mind. Our fashion expert is personal stylist

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Style File: Mothers of Style

expert Laurie Holman has some suggestions for how to be a mother of style. Send your fashion questions to Laurie here: .

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Style File: Quilted Fashions

to this address: . Click here to see our Style File story archive for more fashion tips.

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Style File: Neon Colors

The pop of neon colors in our summer wardrobe is the focus of today's "Style File." Personal stylist and fashion expert Laurie Holman

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Style File: Floral Patterns

There are some fashions that many women will avoid out of fear of not wearing them well. An example of that is floral patterns. In today's Style

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Style File: Pattern on Pattern

In today's Style File, we're being bold and beautiful as we look at the trend of pattern on pattern. Our fashion expert Laurie Holman says it

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Style File: Spring Accessories

Kylie Patterson with Southern Roots Boutique in Benton shows Good Day's Deedra Wilson how to spice up your outfits.

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Style File: Fashion That Gives Back

There's a new fashion trend that might interest a lot of women. In today's Style File, we're talking about fashions that give back. Recycled

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