HSU Placed on Probation for Women's Basketball Violations

(NCAA) - Henderson State has been placed on probation for violations in their women’s basketball program.

Henderson State University did not monitor its women’s basketball program to assure it was in compliance with NCAA tryout and recruiting rules, according to a decision issued by the Division II Committee on Infractions.

A former head women’s basketball coach violated the NCAA ethical conduct rules and failed to promote an atmosphere for compliance due to his involvement in the violations.

The same former head coach provided impermissible meals to prospects and their family members and offered a loan to a prospect and her family.

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Henderson State University released the following:

ARKADELPHIA, AR (News release) – Today, the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) reported the results from its hearing on violations that occurred in Henderson State University’s women’s basketball program between Fall 2009 and Spring 2012. After receiving notice of potential violations from the NCAA, the university self-reported violations in 2012.

“The NCAA has allowed the university to conduct our own investigation and make corrective actions that will – in the end – benefit the hundreds of student-athletes who participate in intercollegiate athletics at Henderson,” said HSU President Glen Jones. “The NCAA acknowledged today the university’s quick response and cooperation. This decision reflects the university’s significant time and effort to self-report our violations, to find appropriate and impactful punitive actions, and to place policies, procedures and people to remedy past issues and prevent future violations.

The Department of Athletics and the women’s basketball program move forward today with new leadership. The director of athletics, the director of compliance and the entire staff of women’s basketball have been appointed since the university submitted its self-report in 2012.

Leaders at the institution were pleased that the NCAA imposed no additional sanctions on the women’s basketball program for 2014-2015 and beyond, instead accepting the university’s self-imposed reduction in scholarships, recruiting restrictions and reduction in practice time for women’s basketball that took effect during 2013-2014.

“Henderson’s policy in the classroom and on the playing field is to do things the right way, the fair way and the ethical way,” Jones said. “We believe the NCAA has recognized this and determined that Henderson responded effectively and swiftly in response to these issues.”

In response to the findings of its own investigation, Henderson immediately addressed the shortcomings in its athletics compliance program. After voluntarily completing the NCAA Division II Blueprint in 2013, the university has restructured and strengthened its compliance program to include increased education for coaches and staff, as well as enhanced monitoring and oversight of all athletic activities. The university also self-imposed several recruiting restrictions, limited scholarships and publicly placed itself on probationary status as punitive measures.

The university accepts the NCAA’s extension of probationary period and the nominal fine and acknowledges that those measures are common in this sort of case.

In its decision, the NCAA acknowledged that the university has already developed comprehensive compliance education program.

“The university embraces the opportunity to continue to strengthen its compliance program and to continue to educate its coaches, athletics staff, student-athletes, potential student-athletes and university staff on NCAA compliance,” Jones added.

All of the university’s corrective and punitive actions were designed to express the university’s disapproval of behavior that is contrary to the rules and HSU policies that govern our interaction with student-athletes, Jones said.

“In addition, we wanted to impress upon all of the coaches and administrators who were not involved in these violations – who represent an overwhelming majority of the Reddie athletic staff – the kind of leadership and behavior we expect at Henderson,” he added.

“I have the utmost faith in the current leadership in our athletics department and we are proud of the academic and athletic success our student-athletes have achieved,” Jones concluded. “Now that the NCAA has accepted the changes we’ve made in our programs, we can move forward with even greater Reddie athletic and academic success.”

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