Moseley Gets Second Chance At Pro Career

- LITTLE ROCK, AR - In 2006, Texarkana native Dustin Moseley made his major league debut with the Los Angeles Angels. In 2012, Moseley suffered a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder while pitching with the San Diego Padres. That injury seemingly closed the book on his big league career. But that book may have just re-opened.

Names like Tim Hudson, David Wells, John Smoltz... Just a few from the list of pitchers who enjoyed success at the major league level after undergoing potentially career-ending surgery.

Will Arkansas's own Dustin Moseley join that list?

"I'm just excited to be back,” Moseley said. “I thought I was done man and we'll see--it'll be two things for me. One, I'll know I can't compete at that level. It'll be closure for me on that side of it, but I think I can."

And the Miami Marlins believe he can as well.

After throwing for multiple major league scouts two weeks ago, the marlins gave Moseley something he's been working for everyday for the past six months.

A second chance.

"I just want to compete,” Moseley said. “The outcome of the games is going to dictate whether or not I get to the big leagues but for me, for my mindset and internally, I just want to go compete and see where I measure up."

Since leaving the game two years ago, Moseley has stayed busy. Building an elite training facility in Little Rock called, "Proformance Baseball Academy and Elevate Training.”

"If it weren't for this facility, I wouldn't be where I’m at,” said Moseley. “No question about it. If I didn't have the guys surrounding me, pushing me, and holding me accountable."

"His shoulder was kind of soggy one day, kind of blown up one day,” said Moseley’s rehab partner, Grant Black. “About a week later he comes in and his bullpen just was so much better than every other day. Then everyday after that it was like that, and I was like, 'Dude you're going to be able to do this. This is starting to get ridiculous."

And this week, when Moseley received that life-changing phone call for the second time of his career, the celebration began.

"Since I’ve known the guy since we were about six years old, it felt like it was me,” said Will Lewis, co-owner of Proformance/Elevate Training. “Everybody's rooting for him because they know the type of guy he is and how he cares about other people and he's finally going to get to live his dream again."

"I feel like I’m playing with house money,” Moseley said. “From here on out there's no pressure. Proformance and Elevate is something I’ve dreamed of a long time ago. Worst case scenario I come back here and live out my passion working with these guys and helping these guys. It's a win-win for me."

Moseley left Thursday night to join Miami’s rookie league affiliate, the Gulf Coast League Marlins, in Jupiter, FL. If all goes well, the Marlins believe Moseley could be pitching in the majors as early as late August.

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