Super Bowl Name Tied to Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK, AR - It's fair to say the name of the biggest football game and sporting event in American has roots in the Natural State.

El Dorado native Lamar Hunt is credited with coining the term "Super Bowl." He's best known as the founder of the American Football League and Kansas City Chiefs.

Back in 1960, Hunt created the AFL to rival the National Football League. Six years later, the leagues merged and decided the top team from each side would play in an NFL-AFL "World Championship Game."

At an NFL owners meeting in the late 1960s, Hunt stated the two words that would become the most famous event in sports.

“What do you mean, ‘The championship game?’” Hunt recalled hearing, to which he replied, “Well, you know, the final game, the last game, the Super Bowl.”

According to the Dallas Morning News, the name "Super Bowl" showed up on event tickets a few seasons after that -- and the rest is history.

Though Hunt was born in El Dorado, he was raised in Dallas, Texas. Hunt died in 2006 after a battle with cancer.

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