Former Razorback Shares Super Bowl Experience

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Mitch Petrus knows exactly how the Seahawks feel right now.

The Carlisle native and former Razorback won a Super Bowl with the Giants two years ago.

Mitch says running thru the "A" at Razorback Stadium is special, but the experience of coming onto the field for the Super Bowl is something he won't forget.

"I just think about running out onto the field and seeing all those lights flicker on you. It's just non-stop. It's like stars everywhere. It was a great experience." 

The New York Giants took on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 46 in Indianapolis. The Super Bowl is unlike any other game with all the pomp and circumstance and it all begins with the national anthem.

"Kelly Clarkson sang that Star Spangled Banner and I honestly started to cry. It was such an adrenaline rush hearing that cause she did such an amazing job. I'll never forget how ready to go I was after that. I was only scheduled to be on field goal but I was like if anybody goes down, if Eli goes down, I'll be ready," he says. 

The Giants scored late in the game to take a 21-17 lead but Tom Brady and the Patriots had one last  chance.

"I remember that last play. I couldn't see if he caught it or not. They threw the Hail Mary, the ball goes deep, everyone looks toward the end zone and you finally see at the end the ball bounce out," he recalls. "I did a double take, looked down at that ball and made sure that referee did incomplete. It was all surreal. That was one of the best experiences ever." 

Mitch is rocking these days instead of blocking. He's a free agent hoping to get picked up by an NFL team next season. So, in the meantime, his practice time is with a guitar and he occasionally gets on the stage with his band, Vikings of the North Atlantic.

He's proud of his guitar and he's also proud of his Super Bowl memorabilia.

"They had a football stand set up where the guys would go up and hold the trophy. I was like that's  ok let those guys have it. She said get up there right now, so I got up there and I'm sure glad I did  cause I got a picture holding the Lombardi trophy," says Petrus.

"You know what sticks out to  me? The size of the jersey. It looks small. It's so tiny, I can barely breathe in it," he remembers. "What kind of stains are those? It's probably Hershey stains? Ah, I'm just kidding." 

Mitch wasn't the only Razorback to play for the Giants that year. Two other former Hogs were on the Super Bowl winning team.

"This is the Arkansas guys. Yea, Tony, Michael Coe, and me. This was taken at Tiffany's at the  Super Bowl ceremony," he says. "I was just glad to play with two Arkansas guys, to have three guys from the same state or played at the same college at the same time to win the Super Bowl is pretty cool."

The Super Bowl post party was also pretty cool.

"I had my whole family there. They had food, live band, they had figurines of the Lombardi trophy made of ice. It was sweet and you know me, I didn't pass up a free meal," Petrus laughs. 

A Super Bowl ring is one of the perks of winning the big game. Mitch doesn't wear his, he's afraid of scratching it, plus Mitch isn't the type to search for attention.

"It was one of the most proud things, I'm most proud of that moment. Being a part of something great, being a part of a great team like that. It's something I feel good about. I feel so blessed to be a part of something like that," he says.

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