Hogs have long, rich history with Cotton Bowl

Hogs have long, rich history with Cotton Bowl

In one way or another, the Razorbacks have been a part of the Cotton Bowl for the past 65 years.
The Cotton Bowl has a long and rich history dating all the way back to 1937. TCU of Fort Worth beat Marquette 16 to 6.

About 17,000 people attended that game and they actually lost money on the event.

But since then, the Cotton Bowl has exploded becoming one of the biggest and best bowl games of the year.

And in one way or another, the Razorbacks have been a part of it for the past 65 years.

January of 1947, 38,000 fans pour into the Texas State Fairgrounds to watch the 10th annual Cotton Bowl Classic.

Arkansas is facing LSU and statistically, the Tigers are favored.

But a brutal and relentless winter storm rolls in; temperatures plummet and rain, sleet and snow level the playing field.

It was so cold that during the game, players burned the benches on the sidelines just to stay warm. And as a result it became known as the Ice Bowl.

Arkansas nearly lost but Clyde "Smackover" Scott -- an All American -- made a critical tackle for the Razorbacks at the one yard line to preserve Arkansas' only Cotton Bowl tie.

Eight years pass before the Hogs return to Dallas.

In 1955 they lost to Georgia Tech and then again in 1961 against Duke.

But 1964 is a year Razorback fans will never forget, especially head Hog Frank Broyles.

"Hey, Hey, Ho Ho... Arkansas to the Cotton Bowl. We sang that all of my career here," he says.

The Razorbacks storm into Dallas with a perfect 10-0 record and the Southwest Conference Championship.

They beat Nebraska in a nail biter -- 10 to 7 -- earning their first national title.

"It was a great victory," Broyles says. “It's something you always look back at... when you end up number one and you take great pride in it."

The Hogs would return the following year -- once again with a perfect record -- but the Tigers of LSU came out on top 14 to 7.

In 1976, the Hogs came roaring back, this time facing a determined and hungry Georgia Bulldog team.

"Well that was a huge victory for us,” says Broyles. “No question about it."

At the half, it was a tied game -- ten to ten.

But the Hogs dominate the second half, outscoring the Bulldogs 21 to zip, winning their second Cotton Bowl Classic.

"We played one of the best games the Razorbacks have ever played,” Broyles remembers. “It was a tremendous victory and we were all talking about the Southeastern Conference and all and we showed them."

Fourteen years pass before the Hogs claim their next Cotton Bowl victory, beating the Texas Longhorns 27 to 6.

Over 65 years the Razorbacks produced an overall record of 3-7-1.

A journey of ups and downs, good times and bad, but one thing is certain, when the Hogs head to Dallas, the excitement soars.

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