Straight A Sharpshooter

Straight A Sharpshooter

Parkview guard dominates on and off the court
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Christyal Holloway has been a starter at Parkview since her freshman year, she's a 2-time all conference selection, and most recently a state champion.

"Christyal Holloway is definitely a coach's dream," said Parkview Head Coach Lahoma Howard.

She's also easy on her teachers.

Holloway has been a straight-A student since she was in 1st grade.

"I'm really competitive on and off the court" said Holloway.  "I just want to be the best and getting an 'A' gives me a sense of accomplishment."

you won't hear the sophomore talking about her impressive marks, she doesn't want to sound cocky, but Coach Howard has no problem bragging about her brainy basketball star.

"It's a great honor as a coach to toot your horn about having a player who's outstanding in the classroom as well as the court," said Howard.  "I talk to my girls about life after basketball.  What are you going to do?"

Holloway already has that answer. 

She wants to combine her 2 loves and focus on sports management or kinesiology.  Whatever her choice, she wants to remain in Little Rock and give back to those who helped her grow.

"I want to tell them, 'I did it, I'm here,' " said Holloway.  "It's not as hard as people make it seem as long as you want it within."

Unfortunately for standardized tests and opponents defenses, she'll be doing it for 2 more years.
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