Anonymous Officer Raises Concerns About Jacksonville Budget

Anonymous Officer Raises Concerns About Jacksonville Budget

After the mayor and city council pass a budget, one officer says the cuts are too deep.
JACKSONVILLE, AR  --The city of Jacksonville made some tough cuts for this year's budget and one concerned police officer, who didn't want to be identified, says they're upset by the decisions.

Here's a look at some of the changes: The city used to pay 100% of employees health insurance, now employees pay $72 a month.

A family insurance plan  -- that was $115 a month -- went up to $150.

Also, college tuition reimbursement is no longer available and two police officer positions will not be filled.

With the city putting more than $1 million into a new shooting range, the concerned officer thought the city was in a good place financially and these cuts wouldn't be needed.

But Mayor Gary Fletcher says the money used for the range is an investment that will bring more tax dollars into the economy.

He said, "So for the future of this city, we're talking about bringing people to our city who are going to spend their tax dollars. It's those tax dollars that pays our employees paychecks so I think that's a wise investment."

Mayor Fletcher added the budget includes no layoffs and services to city residents will not be impacted.

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