Apartment Manager Makes Plans for Future Donations

Apartment Manager Makes Plans for Future Donations

A Little Rock apartment manager wants to rent storage space for donations to help victims of a recent fire and future disasters.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A local apartment manager makes big plans to help others after a massive fire left some of her residents homeless.

The blaze destroyed 28 apartment homes -- at Out In The Woods -- earlier this week.

When Marsha Womack saw all the donations pouring in, she came up with a plan to continue accepting donations for future victims.

She said, "This is something that would be great if we had it on an ongoing basis because we have so many properties. There's fires, floods and things that happen."

Womack says her company wants to rent out a storage unit where they can keep all the donations.

So, in emergency situations like fires or natural disasters, people can get what they need right away.

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