Arkansas basketball needs more of Young's passion

Arkansas basketball needs more of Young's passion

Freshman wears emotions on sleave
Despite another "laying it all out" performance from BJ Young (19 pts) in last night's loss to Ole Miss, nobody took the heartbreak harder than the St. Louis spark plug. The freshman lay there on the court in tears after missing a potential game tying shot, afterward head coach Mike Anderson said of Young's locker room demeanor: "He's hurt."

That reaction should surprise no one. Several times this season, his emotions have been evident for all to see. His jubilation after the Michigan win was special, and his obvious displeasure in losses with head down in hands has been humbling. It could be easy to peg the youngster as a "drama queen", but that wouldn't be fair.  All one had to do was witness his obvious frustration in post game interviews during this recent slide, where at times you weren't sure  he'd even make it through. A kid who wears his heart on his sleave, that's not something you see often from an 18 year-old.

Now while I'm not saying everyone on the roster needs to be emotionally invested game in and game out like Young (Anderson would need to employ Dr. Phil on staff fulltime), if at least a few others on the team shared his passion, emotionless efforts like the ones against Georgia and Florida would never have happened. Young gives the Razorbacks a jolt, like a human sized B12 shot. His energy gets everybody going. And while his emotions can at times get the best of him, which is one reason why Anderson was hesitent to tab him as starter, it's appearant the head hog now realizes Young isn't only the future, but he's the present. 

A team so desperate for leadership through this late season tailspin, may have found some in a freshman that cares so much - it hurts.

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